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Managed technology IT solutions that work for you

Not all tech providers are the same. Our team of experts is passionate about delivering tech solutions with a strong emphasis on customer service.


Managed IT Services

Cut costs and increase efficiencies with Managed IT services. Consider us your end-to-end tech solution, from IT consulting to ongoing 24/7 support.

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Protect yourself from the costly repercussions of a data breach. We provide a full suite of comprehensive security services from experienced, certified experts.

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Cloud Services

Leave your cloud management to us. We can support your cloud migration, maintain your networks and ensure your data is safe.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments are key to a cybersecurity defense. These tests scan for weaknesses, identify remediation efforts, analyze root causes and provide immediate feedback.

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Compliance Management

We have the experience and the expertise to ease your mind and help your business adhere to SOC 2, HIPAA and PCI standards.

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Disaster Recovery and Data Backup

Make sure your business can withstand data breaches, weather events and other threats that potentially drive productivity to a halt.

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IT Project Work

Let us get to know your business and provide personalized solutions that can boost your productivity, streamline your operations and save you money.

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A new kind of tech provider


it consulting

Focused on Customer Service

We’re known for our professionalism and fast response time.

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We provide cutting-edge solutions at a fair cost.
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Committed to Excellence

We’re dedicated to providing the very best service in the industry.
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IT consulting

Our team delivers personalized tech solutions for a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, nonprofit, legal and more.

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it consulting

Productivity Tools Fueling NY’s Modern Workforce

Small Businesses Are Maximizing Efficiencies with Technology At SASA Consulting in NY, we specialize in matching innovative productivity tools with local small businesses. Outdated technology can not only pose security risks and affect staff morale, but it can also...


Emerging Technology in NY: What You Need to Thrive

Remember when HAL from Space Odyssey made us all afraid of the potential evils of artificial intelligence? Ah, the innocence of 1968. Today, AI has transitioned into mainstream society, and the only thing we’re afraid of as business owners is not being agile enough to...

Discover the Benefits of AI Cybersecurity Solutions in NY

TechRepublic reports that a midsized company gets alerts for more than 200,000 events and threats each day — far too many than even the most experienced team of human tech experts should be expected to handle. AI, or artificial intelligence, can provide a major...

Ransomware Attacks in New York: How to Identify and Prevent Them

Most ransomware attacks are initiated by organized crime, according to Clear Data. Tony Soprano, anyone? When you think about it, it’s really no different than a shakedown. But instead of Soprano strong-arming you in an alley to extort your money, cybercriminals...


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