Vulnerability assessments expose new potential threats

Shoring up your cybersecurity defense isn’t a one and done effort. To be successful, security protection requires regular, ongoing assessments to uncover new areas of weakness.

cybersecurity assessment

vulnerability assessment

Routine security assessments fight the ever-changing battle

As data breaches occur more frequently and the consequences become more dire, a strong cybersecurity defense has never been more important. Vulnerability management involves more than running a vulnerability scan and remediating the resulting vulnerabilities. An effective vulnerability management program includes multiple scans per year, detailed tracking and remediation, vulnerability and root-cause analysis, and finite reporting.


  • Monthly scans of your external or internal network
  • Identification of new vulnerabilities
  • Detailed scan reporting
  • Remediation recommendations
  • Security posture reviews with our solutions architects


We design security solutions that provide:

vulnerability assessment
You can’t repair what you can’t see. A real-time look at your current cybersecurity standing offers a glimpse into today’s potential vulnerabilities.
Our vulnerability assessments provide quick, detailed reporting, projections and remediation recommendations.
Proactive steps to identify potential issues today lessen the chance for problems down the road. A little preparation now can save time and money tomorrow.
Our vulnerability management solutions include periodic security posture reviews with our solutions architects. Expert consultations allow you to make smarter, more informed business decisions.

Managed technology IT solutions

Managed technology
IT solutions

vulnerability assessment

Managed IT Services

Consider SASA Consulting your end-to-end tech solution, from IT consulting to ongoing 24/7 support.

vulnerability assessment

Cloud Services

We can support your cloud migration, maintain your networks and ensure your data is safe.

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Compliance Management

Partner with a tech provider who has the experience and expertise to keep your business compliant with SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR and PCI compliance standards.

vulnerability assessment


We provide a full suite of comprehensive security services, from network vulnerability scans and 24×7 monitoring to employee training and more.

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IT Project Work

From adopting new software to reconfiguring your network, we welcome the opportunity to manage your projects.

security risk test

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup

Whether it’s a data breach or a hurricane, we can make a plan now to prepare your business for the unexpected.

vulnerability assessment

Think cyberattackers don’t attack small businesses?

In reality, experienced cyberattackers assume small to medium-sized businesses don’t have strong security defenses. They see an easy target.

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