SASA Consulting provides full IT services, 24×7 monitoring, cloud services, vulnerability assessments SOC 2, HIPPA, PCI. We can also provide monthly scans and pen testing; we have many years of experience and certified security experts with CEH certifications. Our main office is in upstate New York, with data centers on East and West coast.

Automated Scanning Services

While every organization’s need is different, it’s best practice to perform network vulnerability scans at least once per quarter. However, vulnerability scans may be required monthly or weekly based on compliance, major changes to infrastructure, and internal network security capabilities. A good way to decide scanning frequency is to identify and categorize the type of data your company stores such as credit card and social security numbers as well as the average length of time data is retained.

Penetration Testing Services

Data breaches continue to dramatically increase in both size and impact every day. Penetration testing is designed to assess the security posture of the technologies and systems in place at your organization to ensure your organization’s data is protected.

Social Engineering Services

Ask any security professional and they will tell you that the weakest link in the security chain is the human who accepts a person or scenario at face value. Our service can assist in helping prepare your employees.

Vulnerability Assessment Services

A Vulnerability Assessment is the process of evaluating assets in an organization for missing patches and misconfigurations. Often the vulnerability assessment is in support of regulatory compliance or compliance with a standard.


Backup and replication services on and offsite

VEEAM backup and replication licensing

Redundant data centers west and east coast

Server hosting

Website hosting (cPanel)


Manned 24/7 monitoring of your organization with alerting

Level 1/2/3 engineers in NOC for resolving the issues if needed